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HMH - Modular Educational Platform

The concept for this single-page, web-based, application initially evolved in late 2014, around the growing use of cards in infomration architecture, to build a modular interface for student and teachers users.

The card structure allows for easy access from multiple devices, while also providing a seamless experience for the user.

Note: This project is current, and ongoing.

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HMH - Player

The HMH Player (iPad and Chromebook) was originally devised as a content delivery platofrm for the HMH Math Program. It is currently being extended to acomodate other program content.

Despite the project departing somewhat from the original design concepts, it was deemed a very sucessful appication, and has since went on to win multiple awards.

mobile native application identity

RTÉ - Radio Player

An iPhone and iPad Application designed for RTÉ. The application was designed to replace the existing suite of radio player applcations that had existed on the market.

Other features included; Station Switcher, Direct Show Contact, News, Podcasts, Website, Email, Share and Twitter & Facebook feeds.

mobile native application

RTÉ - Hector Alarm App

An iPhone Application designed for RTÉ 2 Radio host Hector. The application was designed to replace the generic alarm application on your smart phone ... waking you up yo the Hector Radio Show on RTÉ 2FM.

The app also included some other neat features; A night-time clock face, Keep Her Lit (iPhone Torch), Podcasts, and Twitter & Facebook feeds.

mobile native application identity

FM104 - Radio App

An iPhone application primarily designed for FM104, but also has the ability to switch between other stations such as Corks 96FM, Q102, Live95FM, C103 and LMFM.

The app also has other features such as access to the last 10 tracks, a track tagging abililty, News, Podcasts, Listen-Back, and Twitter & Facebook feeds.

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Team Member

So, I guess I'm an enthusiastic, self-motivated, experienced, interface and interaction designer ... with over 16 years of experience

Spent some time on the education circuit too. Lectured in Multimedia Design and programming for 5 years. I also have an Honors BA Degree in Interactive Multimedia from IT Tralee, and an Honors MSc in Interactive Media from University of Limerick.



Islandbridge, Dublin 8, Ireland.


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